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2 years ago

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We had gone to the south coast for a relaxing petesthumbs vacation, the kids were in college and now at age 53, he finally had some time to ourselves, my wife, Sandra, a pretty good figure, size 12 36c breasts and pleasant a pear-shaped petesthumbs ass. The villa on the edge petesthumbs of the cliffs had a good view, and a path leading to the beach, there was a blockage further, that the people standing on the cliff to look petesthumbs down to avoid, we dropped our stuff and in the sun, the first day petesthumbs t let anyone see on the beach and on the third day, I suggested that her top had said, why, he replied, that are too good to keep hidden, and you no one else is. Could to see anyone, so I took her top and let you see the sun, which had seen so far just me, I'm having a hard look at them just came in and found petesthumbs smiled, told me that oil if you want to get the sunscreen that quickly rubbed tits'paying special attention to her nipples and rubbed his stomach, I slid my handpussy rubbing the outside of your swimsuit bottom. Sandra said the launch for the love of the gods, put on my bathing suit on her and knocked her hand, she pulled down my shorts and try my cock in her pussy now soaking leader, he gets screwed by God knows how long trembled under my feet, and left me all the load in her pussy wet. We were there for a moment and then a voice said :Hello, we enjoyed the show looked, and there were a few that lay before her legs wide Sandra, who was with this man and his wife, hairy pussy. His wife joined him, and he looked, then looked at me and told my wife wants to lick her pussy women?, I said to Sandra, what do you think looked at the woman of our age was and said, oh why not, I have so now petesthumbs I go a little more with this woman was licking her pussy like there's no tomorrow and Sandra went to the womans head pushedwhere I wanted to be defeated. I'm Jim, said the man and the woman who is brenda said, told him our names and told us that you meet Brenda 's hands now wewe love Sandra 's breasts and pulling her nipples Sandra gasping for air and do not stop Brenda called Jim out of his pants, he put Jim turned back on Sandra 's face and said, it's my turn and Sandra licked her shaved pussy in exchange for a half hour and filmed by Brenda Jim told his time now, Jim slid his pants and slid his cock right in the city saw Sandra Brenda, now I have had a harder time and pulled me towards her. Jim shot his load to Sandra and I petesthumbs did the same with Brenda, shortly after everyone got dressed and went to our respective homes to get approval the next day, that night, Sandra shaved her pussy just to Brenda, I'll tell you what happened next, the next time I write in.

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